Uncertain sleeping time

What a life!

2 days ago, I slept at 4 am. Reason? I struggled with my codes, my edu’s homework and moreover I drank coffee late at night. Woke up in the next morning at 7 am, and felt guilty. What a life!

High alerts of low energy

High alerts of low energy

Yesterday, I felt not good at all. I just not really fit to do anything. After office hour, I went back home and not even feel good, even to have some foods. I just need my bed asap. After arriving at my room, yesterday.. I just got the shoes off, and  just in a rush, I hugged my pillow and laid on my super comfort bed. Ogh.. What a life!

I almost fell asleep.. I was in between 2 choices, wake up and take a shower or.. I just take a nap with dress up and not getting a shower.. Yacks.. No way.. I won’t sleep without showering! I wish my room provided with automatic machine, serves me with all my needs, detects my feeling and do everything right away.. O so cool! What a life!

Nevertheless, not everything is solved by machinery. Some cases are only solved by human. Yeaaah.. wake up mind! Too much dreams are not good, unless you are “Dora the Explorer”.

After showering, I didn’t feel that I need any sleep. Heei, body! I need some sleep! Come on you, body! Ah.. I can’t even pretending close my eyes and wishing to fall asleep. I went to my sisters’s house, and finally I fell asleep in 5 minutes. I slept at 8pm up to 10pm. I was awake, for my phone beeping and my sisters make some noise. Even so, I can still continuing my sleeping time. I woke up at 5 am, and I feel so good. What a life..

Still in the morning, I can enjoy my juice, milk and pizza.. What a life!

Savely arrived in the office and then turned on the computer, I saw that there are too many things need to be done. I guessed, I’d do what they said Gatot Kaca’s act. You can fly, save people, get fire on your finger tip, jump here and there.. or may be, Roro Jonggrang’s project.. You may build 1000 temples in a night.. They say, “dream on,baby, For dream makes your life better, moreover creativitys and ideas come by dreaming.”

So let me sleep then! This ain’t a life!

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